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Toward a New Era for Composite Manufacturing

The digital transformation of productive systems, conceptualized in the Industry 4.0 paradigms, is proceeding fast in several relevant sectors. For composites manufacturing, the main goal is to use automation, sensors and data, 5G communications, software and other digital technologies to make products and processes more efficient, intelligent and adaptive. In this specific field, the digital transformation has been also named Composite 4.0 revolution.

Composite materials are often preferred in demanding applications. At the same time, the need for higher customizability and geometrical accuracy are driving the manufacturers toward the application of new technologies providing remarkable flexibility, repeatability and strict tolerances. The wider application of anthropomorphic robots and collaborative robots (cobots) equipped with peculiar end-effectors is deeply investigated to facilitate all manufacturing steps by using specific electromechanical devices.

The ongoing research is focused on the definition of innovative tools and robotic systems, as well as on the implementation of suitable automated strategies for the definition of movements in order to provide more advanced solutions work toward intelligent, autonomous production that is not just agile, but responds to and even anticipates changing markets and customer demands.

An example is given with respect to automated composite draping and layup, starting from the creation of the digital twin of the mold, of the robots and the end effectors, including all the geometrical information. Robot movement are then automatically calculated by several routines implemented in the MATLAB environment.

Processing strategies are validated using RoboDK simulator for industrial robots and robot programming (, whose participation in this activity is gratefully acknowledged.




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